Yesterday, Apple announced their "newest creation", the iPad. If you haven't heard about it yet, you can check it out at I wasn't really impressed. To me, it's just an oversized iPod Touch with 3G.

Steve Jobs took a shot at netbooks, saying "They're slow, they have low quality displays ... They're not better at laptops than anything, they're just cheaper." In my opinion the iPad is no comparison to a netbook! At least netbooks have a full operating system, multitasking, Flash, and are not limited to the Apple App Store for Applications! I develop ASP.NET web apps on my netbook! Can your iPad do that? Sure netbooks are slower, but it's better to have a netbook with you than no computer!

Because of the larger screen it will really shine for watching videos and reading books, and web browsing should be better than the iPhone, but it's still not an actual computer. There is no multitasking, no camera, and still no Flash. For the size and price of the device, it really doesn't do a whole lot more than an iPod Touch or iPhone. Who wants to carry around a 9.56in x 7.47in device that does so little? Or spend $500 on it?

I would rather see more products like the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t (more details), a multitouch tablet/netbook running Windows 7.